Stress Corrosion Cracking Of Copper Alloys

While it is well known that some copper alloys are susceptible to SCC in ammonia and ammoniacal environments, what is often forgotten is that some copper alloys are also susceptible to SCC in other environments. Below are some of the common environments that can cause SCC of copper alloys.

Mercury - All copper alloys.
Sulphur Dioxide - Brasses over a limited concentration range of SO2.
Nitrites - Brasses, but other copper alloys may be susceptible.
Chlorides - High beta-phase brasses and high tensile brasses.

Note that the order of ranking of susceptible alloys varies with the different media causing SCC.  A high stress is not always required, as some alloys have high resisidual stresses from manufacture.

Posted on: 21st May 2016

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Image (top left) by Agnieszka